BC-opleidingen is an innovative knowledge and training center for the international civil diving industry and (special units of) emergency services such as fire brigade, police and defense.

BC-opleidingen located in Enkhuizen at the shores of the Markermeer provides professional diving courses from category A1 to B4, Dive Team Leader (DPL) and Dive Medical Supervisor B1 / B2 (DMB, formerly MAD-A). There are also many customized projects possible in the shape of specialist tool training, competence checks and (re-) certifications. The given diving courses fall under the scheme SWOD (Stichting werken onder Overdruk) and BC-opleidingen is ISO9001 and VCR certified, and also recognized as a qualified training institute by the NDC-CI (Dutch Diving Center - Certification Institution).

BC-opleidingen has various professional diving equipment, diving systems and many other dive-related materials available for both SCUBA and SSE (such as decompression units, etc.).

A new campus is currently being built, which will be completed by the end of 2018, consisting of a hypermodern training building with multiple storeys and various water bassins of different depths, an outdoor diving tower of no less than 21 meters depth (with different levels) and even own gastronomy and catering facilities and accommodation facilities. In addition, BC-opleidingen will shortly have at it's disposal an own small firefighting diving-deployment vessel and a fire brigade water accident vehicle. 

Please visit us during this exhibition at stand E63.

For more information, you can also call or send an email:
telephone number: +31 (0) 228 722 420 | e-mail address: info@bc-opleidingen.nl

BC-opleidingen B.V. | Voorland 13 1601EZ Enkhuizen www.bc-opleidingen.nl