Drone4 Logistics

Autonomous transport of many and heavy materials through the air has many advantages. In order to fully utilize this, we developed a drone that automatically transports large stocks and ‘sling’ loads. Packages, pallets, boxes and crates filled with both (stock) items and foodstuffs; this drone takes everything you want to wherever you want. With a maximum load capacity of no less than 500 kilograms, Drone4Logistics is a real powerhouse for air transport. And a financially attractive alternative to a helicopter


Drone4 Emergency

A drone with which injured people can be transported; this is Drone4Emergency. We developed this drone for civilian and military purposes. For example, defense can use the drone to remove wounded or fallen soldiers from a dangerous area without endangering other lives. The drone can also be used for rescue operations in disaster areas. This drone is specially designed and equipped for it; it measures four by four meters, weighs 130 kilograms and has a lift capacity of no less than 500 kilograms. The drone is an ideal alternative if the risk for a helicopter is too great for whatever reason.


Drone4 Agro

Automatic watering, fertilizing and spraying crops – even without the need for tracks – are no longer a thing of the future. It is possible today with the Drone4Agro developed by us. This drone carries 500 kilograms of spray liquid per flight and releases it again at the right locations above the crops. Each piece of agricultural land is optimally and completely cultivated independently. This without the need for anybody. The drone flies and does its work all by itself, during the day and also at night if you wish.


Drone4 Fire Fighting

Drone4FireFighting is the assistant of firefighters. An all-rounder, specially developed to help extinguish fires. With 500 liters of water or extinguishing powder per flight, this drone is able to extinguish fires from the air at height. The drone also simply takes a fire hose up, exactly to those places where a ladder cannot easily reach. Or to locations where you cannot fly safely with a helicopter.