The Packaging People

At Faes we have been fascinated for 35 years by the question of how to best pack valuable or fragile products. Packaging as a product and as a process: we still believe that it can be improved every time. With knowledge, experience and creativity, we make solutions really fit. By thinking 'out-of-the-box', the content is shown off to its best advantage, and the packaging process runs more efficiently, more practically, more sustainably and more smoothly. The secret of customisation is perfect cooperation.

Faes is internationally active in value-driven market segments from the Brainport region. We work directly for relations such as ASML and suppliers, the Ministry of Defence and Philips Healthcare. Through a network of partners we supply various brands of cases and boxes throughout Europe.

Faes, once started as a flight case builder, is an all-rounder in the field of industrial packaging. The Faes team together forms 'The Packaging People', a group of experts with years of experience in custom-made packaging, packaging services and packaging management. With which tailored solution can we help you?


Fully prepared for security threats

Being able to rely on sound equipment is essential when it comes to security. This already starts with the transport of the equipment.

General safety is important every day. It often goes hand in hand with technology and the latest developments in that field. In the ever-growing digital landscape, topics such as cybersecurity and connectivity are becoming increasingly important.

This often involves physical products, such as drones, IT equipment and camera systems. The Packaging People help producers and suppliers of these products with packaging to store and transport this often valuable equipment. But also for strategic and tactical goods and safety and rescue equipment we have the perfect packaging. A safe feeling.