Falck – People helping people

Falck is an international organisation established in Denmark. Sophus Falck started his first fire brigade in Copenhagen in 1906. Since this time the company has developed worldwide into an organisation specialised in preventing, assisting and saving people in emergency situations.

For many years, Falck in the Netherlands has been offering high-quality safety advice, education & training, IT solutions and tailored company fire brigade outsourcing services. We mainly focus on governmental fire brigades and the (petro)chemical industry.


New training centre

Annually, thousands of professionals from across the world come to the Falck training centre on the Maasvlakte. They are given an education or training and subsequently see to a safer living and working environment.

In 2018 Falck will be bringing a new training centre on the Maasvlakte into use. The new centre will be built and designed according to the latest standards for technology, environment, occupational hygiene, safety and training technology. Visit our stand to find out the latest news.


Workshop preparedness . sub-room 7 hydroliekruimte. Thursday. 1:45-2:30 pm

All over the Netherlands a decrease in preparedness can be seen among the governmental fire brigades. Volunteers are currently the hub of the firefighting organisation, but we are seeing that the current form of organisation is not sustainable in the long run in many areas.

Falck is working on the development of a vision on this problem and on an approach to help with safety risks. We will engage in the discussion in an interactive workshop where Falck will share its vision in the area of preparedness.

You are welcome to attend the workshop on Thursday between 1:45 and 2:30 pm in sub-room 7 in the hydroliekruimte.

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