Design and delivery of stand-alone automated compressed air foam extinguisher systems. 

Operates fully stand-alone, no additional pumps or emergency supplies required.

Microprocessor with UPS controlled including automated extinguishing sequences for 3 hours after the first event.

By using 100% Biodegradable foam, free of fluors and other chemicals and non-corrosive we offer a human, nature and equipment safe and future proof extinguisher solution designed for your application.

Effective and unique automated fifi solution for Lithium Battery fires and prevents propagation.

Fire tests witnessed and approved by DNV-GL and the DMA (Danish Maritime Authorities) 

Installed on the largest Lithium battery system installed on a 55 metre Danish 100% Electric Ferry with the longest distance on full electric and on open sea-water, the highest regulations demands.

Promoting a unique chemical and corrosion free stand-alone fifi system for wind-turbines.

The system is designed to operate from inside the base of the turbine mast to cover the heights of the turbine nacelle without loosing extinguishing capacity. 

Controlled manually or automatically.