Jamzone is an Innovation Lab where award winning tools are created with which you can train your personal stress and brain talents through our unique sensor + HRV biofeedback algorithms! This includes stress management, deliberate practice, high performance and situational awareness.

Stressjam explained

Stressjam is a high quality VR training game that lets you discover, explore and develop your personal stress and brain systems by using our unique and real time HRV biofeedback algorithms and sensor setup. Stressjam is used by professionals for stress management, high performance and situational awareness training and data analytics.

Brainjam explained

Next to Stressjam, we've developed Brainjam (Mobile App) and a digital coach with data analytics, machine learning and smart algorithms to give, just in time and tailor made feedback. 

Our 'World of Health Craft' platform is used for co-creation development and/or research. We have created an SDK and API's for easy incorporation of our smart tools in products and services that are developed by our partners.