Mastertent BV

Mastertent BV

MASTERTENT “Rescue“ folding tent

When every second counts... The folding tent for emergencies: quick, safe and waterproof.

Every second counts during critical moments. Everything must run smoothly and there is no time to lose. We have designed our "Rescue" folding tent exactly with this in mind. It is unrivalled in its quick assembly, is 100% waterproof and fire-resistant. After the "Rescue" folding tent is assembled in only 60 seconds, you then just have to attach the side walls and flooring.

Special side walls and flooring for emergencies
The tent floor is made of non-slip woven PVC fabric, which ensures safety and stability. It is absorbent and thus ideal for absorbing blood and other liquids. The extended side walls prevent dirt, water and wind from penetrating inside - sandbags can also be attached.

Ideal for rescue workers
The tent has proven its worth in a variety of applications, as shelter when rescuing injured parties during accidents, in the event of natural catastrophes, firefighting missions, police operations, people screening, federal army deployments, water rescue services or mountain rescue.