Resqtec - Zumro B.V.

Resqtec - Zumro B.V.

With passion and conviction Resqtec develops and improves rescue and aircraft recovery equipment already for more than 50 years. We, as Dutch family owned company support teams all over the world and whether the operation requires light or heavy duty tools, Resqtec has the right equipment for every operation.

Tools that are developed from a total rescue perspective. Overall solutions to meet all rescue needs, no matter what scenario. Confident and smart gear to support any mission for rapid and safe results. Our products are based on extensive research and the latest technological insights and newest materials - to educate, but also to learn from users - to convert today’s knowledge in tomorrow’s improvements.

Resqtec is always searching for ways to give you a better performance and to save precious time. Our priority is to listen carefully to the needs of rescue teams and implement this knowledge in our innovations. Through this contact with users, our equipment is constantly undergoing further development towards achieving perfection.

When we design new equipment our focus lies on creating tools that can be used for multiple applications, whether it is vehicle extrication, Heavy Rescue or USAR. In the heat of the moment you want integrated and modular products that allow you to deal with any situation. This results in fewer tools to choose from when the clock is ticking, whilst being able to handle even the most complex situations.