Secure2Go B.V.

Secure2Go B.V.


An alarm device you can always rely on, so you are never really alone during unsafe situations. 

Secure2Go is the specialist in the field of personal alarms for professionals and threatened persons.

At Secure2Go we believe that anyone who might come into contact with aggression and violence, should never really be alone. Because working alone or being threatened also means being vulnerable at critical moments. Moments when you long for someone to be there to support you.

That is why Secure2Go has been working for years on leading alarm solutions that ensure that professionals or threatened persons are always connected. That's what you can count on at Secure2Go. We work with only the best hardware and partners and take all the work off your hands. Reliable, certified and with integrity, of course. Because ultimately it's all about the safety of people.

So we ensure that you as an employer or organization can meet the moral obligation to take good care of your employees or clients. So they can always work and live safely and independently.

Threatened persons
A mobile alarm device contributes to immediate safety and to the sense of security. Therefore, it is an ideal and quickly deployable tool for people who are threatened in their work or private situation. We are the permanent partner of the police, women's shelters, municipalities and professional associations for this.

Aggression Alarm
Every year, more than 1.6 million people in the Netherlands have to deal with aggression during their work.  In many situations it is limited to verbal violence, but the violence or threat is regularly so serious that it is necessary to call for help quickly.

With the aggression alarm from Secure2Go, professionals both inside and outside the walls of the organization can easily and discreetly call for help from colleagues, security or the police. 

Lone worker alarm
If you work without the direct observation of a colleague, you are a lone worker. If you are also at extra risk of an accident or health problems, it is important to get help quickly if things go wrong. With Secure2Go's high quality man-down (rollover, non-movement, impact) alarms, every lone worker is assured of reliable detection and alarms.

Secure2Go is the only provider in the Netherlands certified according to the strict scheme 'Mobile security of persons'. More than 5000 professionals rely on our alarm solutions every day.

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