Traumalotus is your partner for professional training of workers and the realistic staging of your exercises, training and simulations.

Traumalotus delivers professional Trauma Lotus, lotus, extras and actors of a high level. Our professionals provide a complete educational experience, using their skills they produce the injuries, behaviour and effects, in a natural way. A manageable situation is created to challenge the participant(s) during a realistic learning experience.

We take your training goals as a guideline and starting point where we apply our exercises, training and simulations. We not only support our clients in small exercises (First Aid, Evacuation), we are also used in multi-disciplinary exercises with collaboration and communication between the various state emergency services.

It is the strength of our professional Trauma Lotus to provide a realistic situation for the participants of the exercises, so that participants can rely on their natural reaction. This is the ideal circumstance in which to test the educated and in order to practice their abilities directly for use in a stressful situation.

Our professional Trauma Lotus work at home and abroad, for both non-profit and profit organizations. Specialties: traumatology, triage, CBRN, adaptive scenarios, THV, TGB.

Delivered by our quality, we have a six-year contract with the Defense to provide all professional Trauma Lotus. Not only working with standard emergency we also include special services within Police and Defence, Fire Brigade, all Ministries, G4S, Falck / Inprevo, Security Institute and the Dutch Burns Foundation.

The professional Trauma Lotus alongside their LOTUS have also followed rigorous LOTS training. This LOTS (Rural Education Trauma Victim) is NIKTA certified. The professional Trauma Lotus are trained according to the latest medical protocols and have experience in military and / or civilian trauma setting.

Do you dare to have more realistic exercises, training, and simulations?

We challenge you!