Options for participation

Taking part in the eRIC is a very efficient and effective form of marketing. The powerful combination of a trade fair, lectures, demonstrations and panel discussions offers opportunities for information exchange, interaction and innovation. You can participate in eRIC through exposure indoors in the Expo Hall or in the outdoor area, or a combination of the two.

Expo Hal (indoors)

  • The Expo Hall, with a floor space of around 8,000 m2, leads on to the outdoor area.

  • All visitors to eRIC start in the Expo Hall.

  • To participate in the Expo Hall, you either hire floor space in which you build your own stand, or you hire floor space plus a uniform stand supplied by the organisation.

The minimum floor space that can be hired is 12 m2.

  • Price per m2 floor space not including stand: €160
  • Price per m2 of standard stand* supplied by the organisation: €50

 * Standard stand: black panelling with a height of 2.50 m, fascia frame with name board (x1), lettering, lighting, carpet and 1x electricity 230V/3kW, including usage.

Outdoor area

  • The outdoor area is available for all exhibitors who need more than a stand in the Expo Hall, for example to show large equipment or to give demonstrations, or just because you need the extra space.
    • The price per m2 for outdoor space is €105
  • You can also hire a tent from the organisation for your outdoor space; this includes electricity supply, wooden decking and carpet. This tent is used as a stand. 
    • 16 m2 (4x4mtr) + carpet, anthracite + electricity (230V/3KW) including usage, €750
    • 25 m2 (5x5mtr) + carpet, anthracite + electricity (230V/3KW) including usage, €950

All prices quoted are exclusive of Dutch VAT

General participation costs
All participants, whether indoor and/or outdoor, large or small, are required to pay general participation costs of 350 euro, plus Dutch VAT.

  • Mention in the exhibition catalogue
  • Unique registration link: visitors can register for eRIC via this link, and you can use it to log in and see who has registered via your link.
  • Mention on the website 
  • Mention of your company profile;
  • inclusion of your company logo and social media accounts;
  • banners which you can download for promotional purposes.

All prices quoted are exclusive of Dutch VAT


For more information and opportunities for sponsoring, please contact our project team!

+31 (0)40 297 94 93