Anna-Linde Schermerhorn

ARQ Psychotrauma Expert Group

Anna-Linde  Schermerhorn
About Anna-Linde Schermerhorn

Since July 2015, Leontien has been the managing director of War Trauma Foundation. War Trauma Foundation’s mission is to strengthening mental health and psychosocial support in low resource communities affected by humanitarian crises. WarTrauma is guided by the belief that all individuals and communities have the right to mental and social well-being. Working with international and local partners from both the public and the private sector, the organisation identifies and initiates partnerships in mental health and psychosocial support. This includes developing new methods, guidelines, and innovative programming incl. e-health as well as applied ways to connect people to quality mental care and psychosocial support. WarTrauma’s programs are implemented in real-life settings, carefully evaluated, and continually optimized. The results of our programs form the basis for scientific publications as well as advocacy efforts with the relevant public and private parties.

Leontien: “The world is facing an unprecedented number of humanitarian crises arising from conflicts, violence or natural disasters. WarTrauma believes that the need for capacity building in mental health and psychosocial support becomes accordingly more important.” Leontien has over 20 years experience in global healthcare in both the public and private sectors. Before joining WarTrauma, she was Director, Sales & Marketing at IDA Foundation, where she was responsible for all international programming and business development. In this capacity, Leontien worked with many humanitarian organizations including UN affiliates, Ministries of Health, NGOs and other stakeholders improving access to essential medicines in low and middle income countries. Prior to IDA, Leontien spend time in India with the Empowerment Foundation, with Artsen Zonder Grenzen developing Clinical Laboratory Guidelines in Emergency Settings, and as Netherlands’ Consul for Industrial Affairs based in Boston. Leontien started her professional career in several (research) positions with the pharmaceutical companies Organon and Merck & Co. She has always been passionate about healthcare for all and specifically women’s and children’s well being. Leontien currently serves on the board of Befriend Foundation and IDA Foundation DR Congo. She holds a medical degree from the University of Amsterdam and an MBA from Erasmus University Rotterdam School of  Management.