Anna-Linde Schermerhorn

ARQ Psychotrauma Expert Group

Anna-Linde  Schermerhorn
Over Anna-Linde Schermerhorn

Anna-Linde Schermerhorn is project manager at the Arq foundation. Arq Psychotrauma Expert Groep consists of partner organizations that are specialized in the aftermath and consequences of traumatic events. Each partner organisation has his own expertise and experience. Together the partners in Arq join forces in specific areas such as scientific research and education, specialized trauma treatment and diagnostics, prevention and support.

Anna-Linde studied International Studies, but a few years after her studies she joined the Mirro Foundation: a foundation that develops e-health interventions for mild psychological complaints such as sleeping disorders. At Arq she is currently working for on a large international study into the barriers and opportunities in the implementation of innovative e-mental health applications for anxiety, depression and PTSD. She will take the audience  to the wonderful world of e-mental health.