Peter Timmerman

Studium Generale, Universiteit Twente

Peter Timmerman
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Peter Timmerman is head of Studium Generale at de UT. This agency organizes annually 50 lectures, interviews, debates, Science Cafés and workshops. The objective of Studium Generale is to provide staff members, students and general public with a broader view of the world, and to increase their knowledge base.

As an example: those who study mathematics or science at the University of Twente, don’t learn much about astronomy. Yet, there are quite interesting developments in this area, such as the recent discovery of gravitational waves. Studium Generale invites speakers– in this case it was science journalist  Govert Schilling – who can give a fascinating insight in the topic.

Peter studied the Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society at the UT ; an interesting study that allows students to study science in combination with philosophy and sociology. After his study, he worked as journalist with the UT News for half a year, and then continued as staff member at Studium Generale. He is now head of Studium Generale. Homepage: