• vehicle builders
  • chassis suppliers
  • special builds
  • vehicle fittings
  • maintenance companies
  • work lighting, optical and audio signals, mobile communication, hardware and software, camera systems
  • Eco-friendly generator suppliers

The eRIC 20 is specifically targeted at the energy market for mobility, tools and storage capacity energy. Consequently, eRIC 20 is the platform for energy suppliers, developers, start-ups, knowledge institutes, education centres and universities.

control centre systems
data suppliers, for example regarding technical specs of vehicles, industrial installations, among many other things.

provider market
A second relevant theme of 2020 virtual reality education, practice, emergency services

The VR market enters the emergency medical care market.

Developers VR case studies
VR hardware suppliers
VR suppliers

Theme drones
Drones supplier market

Drone uses (Of: Drone accessories), like cameras, data, cargo and more.

Suppliers Anti-UAV Defense System
Developers, Knowledge institutes, education centres and universities

Theme Energy
Supplier market for all types of energy
Mobility of every kind.
Storage and supply of various energy sources
Developers, Start-ups, knowledge institutes, education centres and universities.

Work attire and intelligent turnout gear, combat gear, footwear, gloves, helmets, bulletproof vests and more.

Product developers and producers of various types of material, fabric and more.

Designers and developers of abovementioned work attire
Knowledge institutes, Start-ups, education centres and universities.

Theme firefighting foam
Suppliers various types of firefighting foam and CAF
Suppliers pumps and foam vehicles
Suppliers of monitors and nozzles

Specialised agencies, for example focusing on incident processing and settlement, in particular instances regarding environmental impact (soil). Included are incidents with hazardous substances such as asbestos and mercury, but also chemicals and the more well-known soil and road surface contaminations due to fuel, oil products, as well as the removal of every type of drug waste.

Job market
WO, HBO, ROC's, Ministries, Defense, Police, Fire brigade