Privacy Statement ERIC

(version 7 june 2018)

This is the privacy statement of ERIC, which trade fair is being organised by Organisatie Groep Zuid (O.G.Z.) B.V. of Nuenenseweg 167 in (5667 KP) Geldrop, the Netherlands, which is registered in the business register maintained by the Chamber of Commerce under Number 17171744, and which is hereinafter referred to as “OGZ”.

Why this privacy statement?

ERIC is being organised by OGZ. OGZ is an independent, full-service event management firm which has since secured a significant position in relation to trade fairs in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

If you visit one of our trade fairs, are an exhibitor in any, visit our website out of interest or respond to any of our social media publications, we will process certain personal data pertaining to you. We would like to treat the processing of your personal data transparently. For this reason we explain in this privacy statement what personal data pertaining to you we collect and use, why we do this and the purpose for which we do so. We recommend that you read this statement carefully.

What personal data do we process?


In exchange for sharing your data, you will gain access to a trade fair. Once you attend a trade fair, you may contact the exhibitors participating in it and also gain access to valuable content.
You will share your details with the aid of a registration form:

  • on the website of the relevant trade fair;
  • upon registration when entering a trade fair;
  • through an exhibitor’s invitation URL. When registering in response to an exhibitor’s invitation, you will be sharing your data with both that exhibitor and OGZ.

At any rate, we will process the following in relation to any visitor to a trade fair:

  • their name;
  • the name of their business or organisation;
  • their gender;
  • their address;
  • their telephone number (optional)
  • their email address.

In addition, we will process your answers to any questions concerning company size, areas of interest or educational qualifications, for example, in order to make a trade fair relevant to you.

During our trade fairs you will often have the opportunity to attend a talk. Your access pass will be scanned in order to gain access to a particular talk. By having your access badge scanned you will be sharing your data with the relevant speaker and/or the organisation to which they are facilitated.

When you visit a trade fair, you will come into contact with exhibitors. An exhibitor may request your details, for example, in order to scan your badge. If you permit this, you will be sharing the above-mentioned details with the relevant exhibitor.

Exhibitors, sponsors and other participants (referred to below as “participants”)

At any rate, we process the following data of participants:

  • the name of their business or organisation;
  • the name of their contact person;
  • their gender;
  • their address;
  • their telephone numbers (fixed and/or mobile);
  • their email address;
  • their website;
  • their invoicing details.

Contact with OGZ
If you contact us by phone or email, through chat or in some other way, your details will be recorded.

Details of our website visitors
OGZ uses cookies when providing services. Cookies are small text files which are placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone through an OGZ website and which are read when you visit our websites. Below you will find an explanation of the different types of cookies which OGZ places.

Functional cookies
OGZ uses a number of functional cookies. They enable us to store data for you, which may improve your experience of our websites. The functional cookies which we place through our various websites serve the purpose of remembering your preferences, such as any language that you may have selected.

Analytical cookies
In order to be able to adjust our websites properly to accommodate the requirements and interests of our visitors, we use measurement cookies, which are also called analytical cookies. As a result, we are able to see which pages present our visitors with difficulties, which ones are popular and so forth. This information is important to us, so as to enable us to continue to develop a pleasant website experience for you. We only use data for this purpose which cannot be traced back to you in your capacity as an individual.

Social media cookies
Social media cookies make it possible to share a page easily through social media or to display social content pertaining to an issue (a tweet, for example). Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook are examples of social media in respect of which cookies may be placed.

Advertising cookies
Advertising cookies are used, for example, to:

  • optimise online advertisements or campaigns so as to prevent you from seeing the same advertisements all the time, for example;
  • display banners after you have visited our website;
  • keep records of the number of visitors who click on advertisements for the purposes of settlement with the advertiser;
  • record the websites that you visit in order to assess your interests, so as to be able to ensure that content and advertisements are relevant;
  • ascertain whether you have clicked on an advertisement;
  • pass on information concerning your web history to other websites;
  • make it possible to use the services of other parties to be able to show you advertisements.

Declining and deleting cookies
Through your browser settings you may delete cookies on your device and decline to have new ones placed on it. The way in which this may be done differs from one browser to the next.

More information about cookies
You may obtain more information about cookies under “What are cookies?” at the Dutch Consumers Association.

Social media publications
OGZ processes any details which you fill in yourself in social media or which we collect based on your responses to any of our trade fair’s social media publications. This may involve personal details which you yourself enter on the contact page of the relevant platform, such as your name, email and other addresses, place of residence or a telephone number.

Job applicants
If you apply for a job with OGZ or respond to a vacancy which may or may not have been published on any of our websites, you may provide us with information about yourself, such as your curriculum vitae.

Video recordings
Photographs are taken and videos are recorded at our trade fairs for reporting and recording purposes in relation to the relevant trade fair. As such, you may feature in photographs or videos which we use after a trade fair has ended.

For what purposes do we process your data?


Provision of services
OGZ processes your personal data in order to be able to provide services, for example, for your registration for the trade fair for which you have registered or in which you will participate as an exhibitor, to send you tickets, to provide you with admission to a trade fair, to answer your questions or deal with your complaints in relation to a trade fair, and to draw up and issue invoices to exhibitors and collect payment from them.


Provision of information
OGZ processes your personal data in order to be able to communicate with you and provide you with information by email, post or by telephone. You will receive practical and/or other information about the trade fair for which you have registered or in which you will participate, such as the participating exhibitors, talks, starting and ending times, the route and parking facilities.

We will use the electronic contact details which we obtain upon your registration or participation to notify you of similar OGZ trade fairs by email. You may at all times unsubscribe from such messages by following the instructions contained in each email message. In addition, we will also use your address to be able to inform you about our trade fairs by post.

We will always first seek your consent to notify you of any OGZ events other than trade fairs and conferences or third-party products and services. As it happens, we never sell the personal data of our visitors and exhibitors to other parties.

We use profiling to make your visit to a trade fair as relevant as possible. For example, you will be notified of any speakers and exhibitors that may be of interest to you. You will always be entitled to object to profiling for direct marketing purposes.

Analysis, and market and other research
We may use your personal data to conduct research and analyses for the purposes of improving OGZ’s services. At the end of a trade fair we may also ask you whether you would like to participate in market research or a survey free of obligation, so as to enable us to improve our services. Participation in a survey is entirely voluntary.

Contact with OGZ
If you contact us or we contact you by phone or email, or though social media or chat, or in some other way, your details will be recorded. In this way OGZ staff will later be able to show that we have previously had contact with you and what it was about. In this way we will be able to help you better and faster. Consider, for instance, questions concerning our services, payments, complaints or whether you would like to participate in market research.

Job applicants
We process the details of job applicants as part of a recruitment and selection procedure with the aim of selecting the appropriate person from the candidates who have applied to fill a specific vacancy and to provide every applicant with feedback.

Legal duty
In accordance with the relevant legislation and regulations, OGZ may have a duty to process your personal data and/or supply it to another party, for example, when a competent authority, such as the police, requests it for the purposes of a criminal investigation.

May we process your data?

OGZ will process your personal data with your explicit consent, if it is necessary to do so for the purposes of executing an agreement, because it has a legal duty to do so or because it has a legitimate interest in processing your data for direct marketing purposes but you may always decline this.

How do we secure your data?

OGZ will adopt appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against loss, destruction, corruption, unauthorised inspection or any other form of unlawful processing. Amongst other things, we do this by taking physical and organisation measures to secure access to it, locking every desktop computer with the aid of a user name and password, and authorisation management, so as to ensure that it is impossible for all OGZ staff to view your data. Upgrading software and regularly testing our security measures constitute part of this.

For how long do we store your data?

We store your data for as long as it is necessary to do so in order to achieve the purposes for which we process it and for no longer than is legally permitted. The eventual retention period will differ from one type of personal data to the next. If you have visited one of our trade fairs, we will at any rate keep your data until you decline to allow us to or for two years following our last contact with you. We will store your electronic contact details for sending you direct mail until you unsubscribe from such email messages. We will use job applicants’ data for no more than four weeks after the end of the relevant job application procedure or for as long as you consent to us doing so. Your personal data will be anonymised or deleted upon the expiry of the relevant retention period.

Does OGZ avail itself of any other party’s services for the purposes of processing data?

OGZ avails itself of other parties’ services. This only occurs after security and privacy screening, and after such other party has signed a so-called data processing agreement in relation to the use and protection of personal data. Work in relation to which other parties are involved includes visitor record-keeping, a CRM system, email and online marketing, and hosting.

Does OGZ provide data to other parties?

In principle, OGZ does not supply or sell data to other parties. Nevertheless, in accordance with the relevant legislation and regulations, OGZ may have a duty to process your personal data and/or supply it to another party, for example, if a competent authority, such as the police, requests this for the purposes of a criminal investigation.

Does OGZ satisfy the requirements stipulated in the law?

OGZ exercises the utmost care when dealing with your personal data and complies with the legislation and regulations governing the protection of personal data, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and related legislation and regulations.

How can you influence the processing of your personal data?

Everyone whose personal data we process is entitled to:

-    inspect their personal data and obtain a copy of it;
-    correct their personal data if it is incorrect;
-    arrange for their data to be deleted or anonymised, because it is no longer correct or, for example, because they have revoked their consent;
-    request a limitation of its processing (a temporary lock on their personal data) provided that they have legal grounds for doing so;
-    arrange for their data to be transferred; and
-    object to its specific use.

If you wish to exercise any of your rights, you may do so as follows. You may send a request by email to In order to ensure that you have submitted such a request, OGZ will verify that the appropriate person is involved.

You will receive a reply by no later than within one month after your request has been received.

Will this privacy statement ever be amended?

Although this privacy statement will not be amended frequently, OGZ reserves the right to amend it at any point in time. Please check on this website for the most recent version.